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Date & time Jan 22 '16
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So I'm someone who's played the CN version, RU version, etc, etc, of Blade and Soul, because that's how attached I was to this entire game (way back when *2010*). Noticing over the periods of time I've played on each version, the Optimization just kills Blade and Soul for me. Now, I'm running a "Decent Rig" two 780 ti's (obviously, the game isn't SLI), but in each version I've played/tested of Blade and Soul, the Optimization is absolute trash. 


Now, I don't feel the need to upgrade my PC as of now, and, I've noticed several larger streamers  (Like Sodapoppin) with the same issues, but this game has been implemented in what.... 3-4 different countries/states/provinces/whatever you have. How is Blade and Sould still so poorly optimized Blade And Soul Gold? Blade and Souls has been out for three years now, you'd think people with Decent PC's would be able to get a constant 60+ Fps. but that is not the case, even with "Streamers". 


I myself Enjoy Blade and Soul, and personally think NCsoft should have said "Screw Wildstar" and brought us BnS a while ago, but having the exact same issues from three years ago is just terrible. I mean in the CN version, the Lag killed it for me, everything pretty much ran smoothly otherwise, now when they've brought us the NA Alpha testing phase, the game runs pretty much like crap. I'm not alone on this either, me, my friends, and cousin, who mind you, run on 980's, have the same issues too.


I Love blade and Soul, gameplay wise, hammer nails it bang on gameplay wise, but I can't foresee myself playing this game if I'm getting constant FPS drops from 100 fps, dropping to 15 Fps. I am yes, one of the people who spent $130 on the master pack of BnS,  because, that is truly how much I believe in Blade and Soul, but without any optimization at all, I'm pretty much just blowing my money way (not a big concern), on a game that's been out for "X" amount of years, and hasn't done a damned thing to improve, thus forcing me not to play it at all....


These of course are my feelings for the NA/EU Alpha. I'm really hoping NCsoft can do something, or just ANYTHING to change this, because as it stands at Blade-Soul.com, I definitely wouldn't support the game, and would have wasted my money on NCsoft (yet again....).


Love BnS NCsoft, but please, for the love of god, optimize this game.... Even on the lowest settings, still the same issues.... It's at this point nothing but a trashy Mmorpg "Remake".


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