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And I say the sun, is not this, but my age, belong to the age of me. Sunny, country road, walk. The sun is shining, holding an umbrella, dressed in broken flower skirt, is a very good thing really. Be wrapped in the warm sunshine, have a kind of happiness feeling in fermentation. The landscape building for me good mood. Life in the sun, it is a pleasure.

My special thanks to my fate, let me in the good time, was born in such a lovely motherland, such a very harmonious family. There are many poor children around the world, Africa's children to eat, clothed, was alive and dead. Merchants sell the black race, the use of child labor, their lives trying to their inner depravity. Even if we have such a prosperous country, in the western region, poverty is still a quiet and peaceful. Still by many local drought, by many places still suffering from the disaster painfully, day after day, year after year. They have already worn, they even put a life of ease as a kind of meaningless.

I am also very lucky, not was born in a desert island by the folly of customs in pain, born in Africa with hunger and no heat, no born in poverty mountainous area can accept education, I did not meet endless disaster lost their lives, not cure cancer imprisoned for life. I'm really lucky. With 1.8 deaths per second in the world, that is to say, when you read my this half sentence, there are nine people unfortunately died, but you and I, still alive, this is a kind of happiness. I remember I have said to the old twins, found himself still breathing every morning, just like life in the sun.

Be sunshine we do encounter haze, but sun care for those who don't is fate, we have been very happy, even if only have one meter sunshine, one meter light sunshine.

I like this time. I now feel very lucky, I have no life in the period of world war ii, was never smoke burn the eyes, and no raw, in times of disaster, never feel hunger, cold and grief. I didn't born in the feudal era, has not been ordered to the foot, has not been ordered to girls are not allowed to read. I don't have racial discrimination. I didn't feel crazy looted during the Anti-Japanese War, the fear of killing, flesh and blood separation of not experienced by people.

I like this time. Allow me to change because of the age.

I can do what I really want to do in this era, can get legal protection, can get justice, of course, there are my little one meter, touch the sun. That belongs to me a piece of heaven and earth.

I appreciate this day and age, but I thank I live in the sunshine.

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